About Us

Cheryl Gemignani was one of the founding members of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin and firmly believes that individuals should be in charge of their own decisions, which is why she dedicates a large portion of her practice to mediation. She believes that generating flexible options for each family provides the best outcomes for success going forward. She is committed to reaching resolutions acceptable to all which preserve the family’s positive relationships. She has served as mediator and arbitrator for many years helping hundreds of parties successfully resolve their issues through mediation. She has a unique style which facilitates parties successfully reaching their own resolutions with her guidance and assistance, even in the most contentious situations.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, cooperative, problem-solving process, where a neutral mediator assists individuals in clearly defining the issues in a dispute and in reaching an agreement. The mediator helps participants resolve misunderstandings and communicate more clearly with one another. The parties control the outcome. The mediation process is confidential, and it is typically a less costly alternative to a court trial. Most mediations are referred to us by the recommendation of other attorneys, or by order of the court.